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Beschreibung operates in the online booking market since 2008 that started as a small business as part of an affiliate car rental program in Spain. With much success a brokering platform that would not only allow their clients to book a car, but to make this process as easy as possible for their clients to choose suitable car rental plans was created. Today takes the leading positions in Europe’s Internet booking market with a wide range of services expanding across more than 150 countries.

Hinweise und Bedingungen

Conditions: Partners will be remunerated on a percentage basis from Economy Bookings rental commission made on approved car rentals. Economy Bookings reserves the right to annul any transactions, which it may deem as fraudulent or suspicious. Offer policy: No pop-ups of any sort / No leave behind / No backdoor or doorway traffic / No brand bidding (economybookings*, economy bookings*, avtoprokat*, bookinggroup*, booking group*) / No adult or sensitive content websites / No click farms / No direct SEM unless approved otherwise / Email marketing must be approved prior to send out. / Coupons or rebate traffic must be approved beforehand / Deeplinking is allowed but need to be approved by advertiser.


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